Connect with your loved ones, forever and beyond

BeyondMe is a unique platform that allows you to create an interactive profile that comes to life after you die.

This is possible through numerous features including:

Sending Voice Messages Into The Future

Sending E-messages Into The Future

Showcasing Your Life Story

Creating An Interactive Profile

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BeyondMe works by allowing users to set up a private account which can include your life story and your funeral wishes. This service also allows you to pre-set voice messages and e-messages to come out to chosen friends and family on specific dates in the future.

You choose up to 5 nominees who will have a unique code that will activate your account once you have died allowing your essence and legacy to live on well into the future.

Your funeral wishes will be visible to your chosen nominees once you die and the rest of your pages will be available to view by people searching for you in the future.

A donate now button linking your page to your chosen charity is also a key feature allowing you to donate to your charity while you are alive and then giving anyone visiting your page the option of donating to that charity in the future.

Set up your account today and begin your journey with BeyondMe!

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Our main features

BeyondMe Tutorial

Click here to see our main features and the benefits of setting up an account that will keep your legacy alive well into the future. 



Send Voice Messages To The Future

BeyondMe allows you to pre-record voice messages that will reach your loved ones in the future when you are no longer here to say it to them yourself.

Our new built-in feature allows you to record any type of audio straight from your device which will then be stored on the BeyondMe cloud. This message will then be sent out to your chosen recipient on the pre-determined date set by you.

Messages can be anything from a heart-felt wish to a funny joke, it's up to you to customise them to however you want! So get recording and make sure the people you love hear your voice forever.

Please note that voice messages come at an extra charge of £2 a message



Showcase Your Life Story

Writing your life story has never been so easy with BeyondMe MyStory. Use our guided bullet points or write your story your way. "MyStory" allows you to showcase how you lived your life for the future world to see.

Once your profile becomes active after you die your life story becomes visible for the whole world to access.

Set dates, share photos and write your own chapters, anyway you wish with BeyondMe.



Send E-messages To The Future

Sending E-messages allows you to write out personalised messages that will be automatically sent out on a future pre-determined date. This will allow you to send out birthday cards, good luck mesages and other messages of your choice to the future when you will not be there to send them in person.

BeyondMe, will only send out the E-messages to the recipients once your account becomes active after you die, so pick a date in the future and ensure your loved ones recieved their E-message on a meaningful day.

Please note that E-messages come at an extra charge of £2 a message

Watch our demo video to undsertand how our E-messages feature work!

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Our purpose

At BeyondMe we felt it was important for people to have a dedicated space to create a profile about themselves that comes to life once they’ve died. Their profile can be customised to reflect the individual’s personality so that their virtual presence can be enjoyed by future generations. This platform allows your life story to blossom and your legacy to live on.

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Create an account

Sign up today to create a ‘Free’ or ‘Premium’ account

BeyondMe Free users will be able to set up a basic profile page about themselves, be able to search for other users and activate anyone who they are a chosen nominee for. With our free account you will not be able to create an interactive profile or pre-set voice messages and E-messages.

As a BeyondMe Premium user you will be able to create a detailed profile page to include a link to your chosen charity, write your life strory, record voice messages and write personal E-messages to come out in the future.

All of your details will be stored on the BeyondMe cloud and will become visible once you have your account activated by one of your chosen nominees after you die. 

Become a BeyondMe premium member today on a yearly or lifetime subscription and ensure your legacy is remembered forever.

You can sign up to premium account for just £20 a year or purchase a lifetime account for a one off payment of £250. 

Start your journey today with BeyondMe

We are working closely with charities across the UK

At BeyondMe we felt that it was important for you to be able to choose a charity that you would like to feature on your profile page. This will enable you to promote that charity long into the future when you are not personally able to do so. If you also have a GoFundMe page this can also be added which will give other users direct access to the donation page you have set up.

How you can contribute to charities

Chosen Charity

Decide on a charity or add the link to your GoFundme page if you have one.


Make a donation to your chosen charity at any point from your profile page.

Future Donations

Future viewers to your page will be able to make a donation on your behalf to the chosen charity, long into the future.

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Activate an account

If you have been chosen by someone to be their nominee you will receive a unique code generated by BeyondMe to save. This will allow you to access their page once they have passed and activate their profile. This account will then come to life and be visible to everyone who searches for them. Once activated no further action is required by you as their nominee and you will not be responsible for their profile or any other features within it.

Activate Now

What our users say



I found the website really easy to use, especially as I am in the older generation and enjoying writing my life story for my grandchildren to enjoy in the future.



This website is simple, effective and unique and setting up the voice messages was more straightforward than I thought it would be.



Really enjoyed exploring the features that BeyondMe has, I look forward to signing my parents up soon! 

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